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Pattaya has added The Pump Station 5 to its long list of bars. As many know the original Pump Station on Soi 13/2 in Pattaya was legendary. It may not have been as well known as places that came later like Dr BJ’s Salon in Bangkok but among those in the know it was at least a notorious not in the least due to its cut out curtain bar. After a long decline that was documented to some degree on this website the Pump Station was revamped and opened as “The Pump Station 1” and set as the anchor of a new chain of Pump Station bars.

The Pump Station 1 and The Pump Station 2 have since operated on the same street. A Pump Station 3 opened on Soi 6 but it was sold and renamed before I was even able to publish my review of the place here. I have not been able to locate The Pump Station 4 as of yet but I am pleased to offer this review The Pump Station 5 here while the place is open and doing business.

The Pump Station 5

Blow job bars have a long history in Thailand going back many years. Bangkok may be better known for blow job bars but as the many reviews of blow job bars in Pattaya show there are several suck shops in the sensual city by the bay.

The Pump Station 5 Pattaya BJ barThe Pump Station 5 Pattaya BJ bar

The Pump Station 5 is located on Soi Bukhao just across from the entrance to Soi LK Metro. It took over the space from a mini mart that was located next to the big Pook Plaza ladybody bar before that place closed. The new Pump Station bar looks a lot like The Pump Station 3 did which means it also looks like the two Pump Station locations on Soi 13/2. The sign and accents are all done up in red and black which looks nice enough and gives a sort of branding to the place. It’s the closest I know of a blow job bar chain coming into being since Lolita’s expanded from Bangkok into Pattaya and Hua Hin years ago.

Out with the old

The Pump Station 5 is open to the street and in that it also looks like many of the other open beer bars that can be found all over Pattaya. If one did not know the name of the place and relate it with legends of Pattaya in the past they would likely not be aware that the place was anything unique at all.

To some degree they wouldn’t be all that far off the mark. While oral is offered by the women working at the bar upstairs the place clearly isn’t organized around that sort of service in the way of nearby places like Bliss Lounge and Lolita’s on Soi Chaiyapoon.


The bar has plenty of seats with a bar on one side and more room in the back. There are eight to ten women working at any time. Overall they seem to be of moderate or average looks with most being in their late twenties or early thirties. The ladies are friendly enough and a few speak English with some degree of clarity.

The gals seem to be more active than the ladies in the first two Pump Station bars and they do work hard to bring customers into the place and keep them there. I can’t fault them for any of that considering there line of work but I can’t help by notice how different this place is from the original Pump Station I remember.


The Pump Station 5 looks and operates more like a beer bar than anything. It is more or less indistinguishable from the many other open air bars that line Soi Bukhao virtually from one end to the other. Because of that I don’t know that the place will ever stand out or gain the kind of infamy that the original Pump Station once had. One star.